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Friday, September 3, 2010

Gentle Intensity

Hey everyone! My blog post from yesterday somewhat reflects the strange mood I was in. Good news for you all: I'm back to normal! I have a really great thought for you guys today. And, yes, I know it isn't Thursday. But I feel I have to make up for the macabre with the positive.

I had an interesting epiphany today while listening to the song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by one of my favorite bands of all time: Iron & Wine. Iron & Wine is an incredible experiment in the power of lyrics, moods, and soft voices. They are one of the gentlest artists I can think of, but they are also some of the most intense.

When I think of intensity, my immediate picture is athletics. That is a pretty common description of intensity. Heck, what's more intense than the defensive line of a football team (no, I don't have personal experience with this kind of thing, but my brother plays)? And yet, there is something so much more intense about Sam Bean's (Iron & Wine) voice than any amount of yelling or screaming. Just go listen to his song "Jezebel", "Boy With a Coin" or "Bird Stealing Bread" and you'll completely understand what I mean.

Then I started to think of other things that were gently intense. I came up with the hug of a parent, the smile of a stranger, the kind words of a friend who's there when you really need them. I thought of the soft, laughing intensity of a Starbucks run with a kindred spirit or the smiles of a family around the dinner table. Love is gentle. But what is more intense than love? I'll let you answer that one for yourself.

I'm told love can move mountains. I don't believe that. I believe that love can shatter mountains. (Hopefully a coffee farm will grow up in the mountain's place).

May your coffee be strong, your passions electric, and your laughter easy.

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  1. A grandchild, hand in yours, looking up at you :)