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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank You

There is no better feeling in the world than having a best friend. It is a bond - absolute and nearly-tangible - that pervades both the difficult and easy moments in time. It's comfort and solace - a rock to stand on.

I'm always surprised when I meet someone's best friend. I wonder (more often than not): How is it possible that these two people get along? And then I remember a conclusion I only recently came to. Everyone needs something different in a best friend. My best friend, for instance, keeps me grounded. She's one of the only people I know who doesn't let me take myself too seriously. And I need that sometimes (well, all the time).

I decided the write this today because I was sitting with said best friend on our swings tonight and it was on my mind. Three years ago we claimed a pair of swings as ours at a park near both of our houses. If we have to talk, laugh, rant, rave, dance, or sing, it's off to the park.

So, I guess I wrote this for Leah. Thank you for being the friend who knows when to tell me no, when to tell me yes, and when to just give me a hug. Your laughter, your advice, your spontaneity, and your loyalty over the past few years has been one of the best parts about waking up every morning.

You keep my coffee strong.

I wove wu.

May your coffee be strong, your passions electric, and your laughter easy.

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  1. My dear Michael--why have I not met Leah. I love her already, She sounds like an amazing young woman. Loving you Michael!