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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunday Sip: In the Spirit of Thanksgiving. . .

I heard it said once that Thanksgiving is the only day that Americans devote to pure pleasure, the only day that we over-stressed, over-committed workaholics devote to simply enjoying ourselves (for no apparent reason other than we want to be thankful). So, Coffee Lovers, this Sunday I'm hoping we can start trying to preserve that feeling of pleasure and thankfulness all year long, because life doesn't have to be a to-do list!

Join me for a cup.


  1. The most profound thing I took from visiting Costa Rica was exactly that. It's okay to put rest before work.

  2. I have Costa Rican friends and they are some of the most profoundly happy people I've ever met. I accredit it to balance. They just aren't wrapped up in their schedules.