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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

don't forget

I have kept up (more or less) with my New Year's Resolution, Coffee Lovers. That means, of course, that, since January, it has been four months of music, music, and more music. Today, entirely by accident, I discovered a new artist.

I went to search a song from the finale of Parenthood (which was entirely satisfying for a finale, by the way). I found four incorrect versions, until I found the name of the artist on Parenthood's website: Brett Dennen. So I searched his version of "Hard Times", and, as is my luck, couldn't find it anywhere.

So I ended up listening to his other songs instead. One of them especially stood out of me and it was something I wanted to share with all of you. The song is called Don't Forget - you can find the whole song here: It is a love song of the best kind - one that loves on multiple levels and can be given to anyone.

May you spread your love like laughter
and find whatever you're after.
Open all of your windows and let the music
spill out. Don't forget, don't forget
mmhmm that I believe in you.
Should you forget, should you forget -
let me remind you. I am behind you.
May you dance like rain
upon a still lake. You make this world a
beautiful place. No more crying, don't shun your light -
keep shining. Wipe your tears from your sweet face.
Don't forget, don't forget,

That is my favorite section of the song. It's about more than a way of loving; it's a way of living. I don't know that I can say it any better than Brett already has. We are the sum-total of our our experiences, our light, our smiles, our tears, our love for others, and others' love for us.

I love to come across art - of any kind - that makes a statement about so much with so little. An instrument or two, a few penned words, and suddenly the world is a beautiful place. We are agents of change in how we (and those around us) see the world. It is not a big, scary place, filled with borders, cultural divides, terror, or differences. It is filled with lakes for us to rain onto, with sweet faces, with lessons we should not - cannot - afford to forget. Life, like coffee, was meant to be devoured...and also shared.

Brennen's last line: Life is loving and letting go.

May your coffee be strong, your passions electric, and your laughter easy.

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE (okay I don't post very articulate comments but it's just hard for me to describe how much I love you and everything you write about and how much everything makes me go THAT IS SO TRUE and how inspiring it is and yeah)