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Friday, May 20, 2011

no matter the fury

My internet was down last night, Coffee Lovers. So this week's blog post is (technically) a day late. Sorry about that (and to any one who thought that, for some reason, they were a day ahead with their lives - my bad).

Today I just want to write a brief note of thanks. To be perfectly honest, Coffee Lovers, it's been a hard week. The trials and tribulations of what Edgar Allan Poe called the "fever of living" are numerous and varied. Sometimes, it's surprisingly hard to make it from point A to point B.

I should hesitate to say it has been a hard week, though, simply because I have to wonder how much harder everything would be without the love of friends and family in my life. Without care, without art, without feelings and understanding, without jokes for laughing and mouths for smiling - we are so very broken. The gilded tongues of false friends, the struggle of daily routine, the pain of trying and trying only to fail, these things make for tough days and rough weeks.

But those gilded tongues are silenced, the overwhelming struggle of living is squelched, the pain is eased to smiles and joy by the love of those we care about.

So this week I am deeply thankful for the people in my life that reach out and touch me in small ways and huge ways and every way in-between. For those who have comforted, asked questions, stayed silent, embraced, made me laugh, and - of course - made me coffee, know you are appreciated.

Storms do not sink boats. Boats are destroyed by hulls without fortification. And I find myself with a wealth of support in my life (or boat), no matter the fury of the ocean or the strength of the wind.

May your coffee be strong, your passions electric, and your laughter easy.


Thanks so much to Aiko Suetsugu for her
beautiful and original
artwork which helped inspire this blog post
(on the topic of "gilded tongues").

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