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Thursday, June 16, 2011

breaking rules today!

So, I am having a touch of writer's block today. But I figured that, instead of writing something absolutely ridiculous, I'd break all of my internet rules and put up one of my original poems.

Darwinian Love Poem

We began as two things,
two creatures,
two species, descended
evolved from the ether
of the nature
& the law of attraction.
But we did not stay
in such
a rudimentary state.
No! Movement,
whether cellular or spiritual,
is the way of the world
& so we began our
race towards each other,
in opposite
directions, to the same point:
convergent evolution,
toward one version of ourselves
that we both understood
as us. But there is no end point
to life
(even death is
an evolution)
& so we stopped hurtling toward
a mass extinction of ourselves;
for there is no end to love if
life endures. Taking hands,
we learned the secret of
relationships: movement
in response to movement,
whith instigates movement
& change. Yes, we became,
not one thing, but two things,
two creatures,
two species -
& this
is what Mother
must have

--Michael Abraham (May, 2011)

May your coffee be strong, your passions electric, and your laughter easy.

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