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Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is my revolution.

I am tired of the chains. The world wants to contain us. The human race is the ultimate control freak. We are compartmentalized, simplified, sorted, and segregated. We believe, as people, that this is our lot in life, this is the reason we were born: to be pulled apart. This attitude of indifference and fear of difference starts deep within each invidual person. We are afraid.

This is my revolution.

Some terrible things have happened in and around my family in the last few months. Life has gotten difficult, as life likes to do. But there is a deep joy in the heart of all people. I see it. There is a strength and a resilience. There is a light that is greater than the obstacles and oppression. We are not the sum total of our tears alone. Sorrow is only a piece - a very small piece - of what makes us who we are.

This is my revolution.

I will  not live alone. People, like coffee, are for sharing. I will not deny myself the beauty of others, and I will not deny others the beauty of myself. There is no strength in solitude. We are together in our fight against the prevading mindset of man, which would have us believe that we are alone in our struggles, that we are classified and categorized. We are not! We are together.

This is my revolution.

Alice Walker writes a profound thought in a poem called "I Know My Duty to Life":
I know
my duty
to life,

to stop
I cause

It is a struggle. There are wars and men with bombs who want to silence their opposition. There are fears and personal demons that want to squelch our strength. The fire is not for them to take. Be still the wolves and howl no more! This is our planet and these are our lives.

This is my revolution.

I will teach my children that there is beauty everywhere, that all life is sacred, that they are a piece of a big, surprising, messy and wonderful puzzle. They will be individuals because they deserve that much, at least. The world will not get its bloody hands on them and turn out their lights. Tears of joy will mark their cheeks. The earth will be alive for them to know and realize. Life will be beautiful.

This is my revolution.

I will break against the dam of disbelief. This is the world and I will savor each moment I spend living on it. I will be aglow, a roman candle, a beacon for those who need a little bit of light. We are people, strong like our coffee. Ready to face the dawn of a new day. It starts in the individual.

This is our revolution.

May your coffee be strong, your passions electric, and your laughter easy.

Enormous thanks to
my brilliant friend,
Megan Drews,
whose incredible drawing
inspired this post.

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