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Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunday sip: Monster Fighting

One of my favorite songs is "Kill Monsters in the Rain" by the band Steel Train. The chorus of the song reads (well....listens):

Together we can. Together we'll kill monsters in the rain. We are the same.
What a mess you've made.

There is something about that sentiment that I absolutely love. I've always believed that we are, humans that is, united. Despite our differing races, religions, politcal views, genders, sexual orientations, places of origin, and unique stories, we are all moving toward the same goal: happiness and fulfillment. There is something inherently human in a crowd, an organization, a batallion, a club.

We must unite to fight off our monsters, be they personal, public, or soceital. Rain or shine.

Join me for a cup.


  1. I was thinking about writing something snarky in here about being a hippie (Oh chloe;]...), but then I just decided to not be sarcastic and tell you the truth (I know, shocking). Seriously, this is truly beautiful, and beautifully the truth. A very enjoyable Sunday Sip :]