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Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunday sip: morning coffee & black magic

My apologies for missing the Thursday post for this week, Coffee Lovers.

But as to this week's Sunday Sip I wanted to tell a short, funny story. I was in Barnes & Noble rather early this morning (coffee mug in hand) to buy a book for a friend. She had requested something from the New Age section as somewhat of a joke. She and I spent time together in a play all about voodoo, so I thought that would make a funny book selection. It wasn't what I ended up buying her, but as I was searching for a book on the history of Haitian Voodoo, a sweet-looking elderly woman came bustling in to the aisle and pulled several grimoires off the shelves. I kindly asked her if she'd seen anything on my subject of choice on her side of the shelf.

Suffice it to say, not only hadn't she, but she thought it appropriate to subject me to a tongue lashing on the dangers of voodoo and her preference for the "better magickal arts." I suppressed the urge to shrug and respond with: "Well I do recycle quite often..." Why tell you this story? I think it's unfair that I can't even look for a historical book on a historical subject for a friend without judement on my "preferred type of magick."

So sweet, elderly, early-bird Wiccan-book enthusiast: please do yourself a favor and relax. I'll make the same effort, I promise. No black magic intended.

Join me for a cup.

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