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Sunday, August 28, 2011

sunday sip: Endless Happiness

There is a song by the ever-talented, French-Israeli singer Yael Naim called Endless Song of Happiness. It is sang entirely in Hebrew, and very beautiful. The English translation goes something like this:
She just floats in her world (la-la-la) and he tries to touch; she recoils, doesn't know you sit in the corner and look at her (ba) in the evening you wake up from sleep, see an open window and aren't sure what happened to her, what she had done. You fear she has jumped (tza). Outside, she is flying on a little cloud; she built a transparent tower with a paintbrush and inside it all the angels fly and all the little fairies dance in a circle turning round endlessly.
This song, though it is in a language I neither speak, read, write, nor understand, means something very special to me. It is about the simple joys of love and imagination. We do not talk about imagination, creativity, the joy of one's own mind, often. We think it beneath us, something we left behind in early childhood. Wrong! There is an endless happiness to creating transparent towers in the sky with paintbrushes, dancing with angels and little fairies. Life is thought is creation is love and love does not end.

La, la, la.

Join me for a cup.

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