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Saturday, September 17, 2011

sunday sip: 2 journals, besides

I have two journals. One is orange, the other blue. One is the west, the other the east. One is of beginnings and another is of endings. They are my little mind-friends, time-capsules, children, and parents. They are my tea kettle and coffee pot, my saffron and my citron, my evening and my morning.
The blue journal has the words Things of Which I've Thought on the front. The orange reads All of this Knowing. They know me in the private, the public, the ether and the all. They are such close companions.

A poem in the orange journal contains the following lines:
I am a child
of purple flame -
I know that
twisting of the stomach that comes with laughter.
let the dance
the ground,
the mountain;
let the indie freak
rise from within,
like a Buddha
and possess
your eyes -
circles of such
for you are
a thing
of nature.
 I bring them up today because I found the blue journal again after a lot of looking. And I think it is only fair that those who read my blog, the journal that you are all a part of and may look at publicly, know of the existance of SC's secret twins.

"Language is the dress of thought."
            --Samuel Johnson

Join me for a cup.

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  1. that's a lovely poem my friend. and i'm glad you've rediscovered the things of which you've thought =] here's to many more pages of that fabulous journal being filled with your wonderful thoughts!