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Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday sip: incurable humanists

There is a line from a song by Regina Spektor that I cannot get out of my head:
Oh, incurable humanist you are.

It describes many of my friends and me far too well. People who are motivated by a love for and of humankind are labeled, in modern culture, humanists. They are sneered at as ignorant or naive by their more jaded counterparts. They are called self-absorbed sinners by the Church. They are told to give up on mankind and let god or karma or the divine Something save them.

But I like Regina's take. Incurable humanists: people motivated by a love for and of humankind that simply refuse to bend, give up, break. People motivated by a love for and of humankind so intensely overwhelming, they can only smile and go with it, because city streets are closer to heaven than anything else they've ever known.

Thanks for understanding it, Ms. Spektor. We, the incurable humanists, appreciate you.

Join me for a cup.

(Loveology -- Regina Spektor:

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  1. Where would the world be without Regina and you? I shudder to imagine.