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Sunday, January 1, 2012

sunday sip: It's just a day.

I am not a fan of New Year's Resolutions. I disagree completely with the entire concept. A resolution is a promise one makes to oneself. New Year's is a day on which our culture believes our resolutions magically become sealed in stone. There is a better, fuller, more exciting truth to New Year's than that: New Year's Day, January 1st, the beginning of a whole new epoch - it's just a day. There is nothing sanctified or special, the Universe does not listen closer, the stars do not align just because it is New Year's Day. In fact, in some modern calendars around the isn't even New Year's. So this year if I were to resolve anything (which I won't), I'd resolve to keep those promises to myself that I make each and every day, and to treat every day like a time to start over. But, of course, I'm not making any resolutions.

Join me for a cup.

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