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Sunday, January 29, 2012

sunday sip: small VOICES

If I could give a VOICE to the VOICELESS, I would make them sound like children, for a child's voice is gentle, silver - like a star, but cleaner; stars are made from fire, while that little sylvan laughter children sound between the trees is just warm on its own. And if I gave them noise, I would make them loud - consonants tall: oak-like, and vowels rolling: green hills or silver breezes. I would give them a thousand words in a red bag called 'Passionate Yelling,' almost exclusively verbs. I would tell them that their sentences are like their hands, only moving can they change the colors in the eyes of men.

If I could give a VOICE to the VOICELESS, well, but, of course, I cannot. They must be small,

and then they find their larynx.

Join me for a cup.

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