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Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday sip: faith or fear

I really respect people who believe. I'm not necessarily concerned with what they believe, just that they believe in SOMETHING. In a culture that spends so much time arguing, yelling, debasing, devaluing - I think we should remember that no matter what side of what spectrum we are on, there is a person on the other side, courageously standing with a pennant in their hand, a pennant they trust and love just as much as our own.

I spend too much time griping about other people's beliefs and not enough time marveling at them. Thank you to my friend, Kaela, who posted "Let your faith be bigger than your fears" on Facebook today. I have faith in human beings, and I'd like to make a commitment to let that faith be larger than any fear I may have of their different views.

Minds only function when open, after all.

Join me for a cup.

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