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Sunday, March 4, 2012

sunday sip: fire & wind - movement

Good afternoon, Coffee Lovers. Let me first offer an explanation as to why there was no post on Thursday. I was at a concert for one of my favorite artists, Trevor Hall, whose music I have quoted here before.

It is about Trevor that I'd like to write for a few minutes. His music is peace. The literal messages in his songs are peace, unity, togetherness. But his music carries a quality to it that, in its own mysterious self, is peaceful. Watching him play on Thursday night, I realized what that quality is; Trevor Hall espouses peace and unity with an overriding and indomitable passion.

When I was a few years younger, I was obsessed with the idea of passion. As I aged, somehow the idea of passion and the idea of peace became strangely separate, as if they were hostile foils to each other rather than necessary components in the other's equation. Watching Trevor play on Thursday reaffirmed something I'd forgotten: without peace, all passion is fire, thus consuming and unkind; without passion, all peace is still, cloth, without any true power or motion.

"Time has come to speak of this love,
spread your wings of your song and soul
to maintain internal heights above;
close your eyes and feel it unfold."
--Trevor Hall, 'Volume'

Join me for a cup.

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