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Sunday, March 11, 2012

sunday sip: the seaside

There is an Indonesian proverb which reads: "The sea becomes the shore, the shore becomes the sea."

I've spent my birthday weekend on the seaside with my family. The remarkable thing about towns near the ocean is the pervasive presence of that ocean in the town. Everything is finely dusted with sand; the air is salty; anchors decorate every house, and, of course, the sound of the waves breaking against the shore is always present.

It is a thoroughly spiritual experience, standing near the sea. All of the world's struggle for meaning is so easily read in the pull and push, give and take of the water as it exchanges sand for treasures from the deepest sides of itself. Nothing is far, nothing is near.

The ocean represents that middle point at which we should live our lives: everything - all directions, all depths and colors, all manners of being and non-being - are within reach.

Join me for a cup.

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